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1550 E Battlefield Road, Suite N2, Springfield, MO 65804

Massage Best Spa

Frequently Asked Questions

Therapeutic Body Massage and Foot Reflexology in Springfield of Missouri

A Natural Approach to Better Health

  • What services do we provide?


    Massage Best Spa provides therapeutic massage and foot reflexology. The therapeutic massage includes deep tissue, relaxation, Swedish, Chinese Acupressure and hot stone.

  • What is the benefits of foot reflexology?


    Foot reflexology for about four thousand years ago originated in China, it is part of the ancient Chinese traditional medicine, and is also a traditional medicine "Acupuncture" belong to the same treatment principles. Foot, also known as the body's second heart, promote blood circulation, regulate the endocrine system, enhance human organ function:

    1. promote the smooth circulation of blood

    2. Obstacles human energy cycle Pipes dredge.

    3. promote coordination with the normal function of the organ system.

    4. enhance the endocrine balance, easing tensions of the system.

    5. excrete toxins debris, maintain health.

    6. strengthen metabolism, maintain youthful vitality.

    7. stimulate cells to produce energy, prevent aging.

    8. restoration of degraded organ function, prevention of illness.

  • Can you show me how to do the Foot Massage?

  • What is your service price?

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    Full Body Massage

    1-hour Full Body Massage          $50

    90 Minutes Full Body Massage  $75

    45 Minutes Full Body Massage  $40

    Foot Reflexology

    45 Minutes Foot Massage          $25

    60 Minutes Foot Massage          $30

    Body & Foot Massage Combo

    1-hour Body & Foot Massage    $50

    90 Min. Body & Foot Massage  $70

  • Where are you located?



    1550 E Battlefield Road, Suite N2, Springfield, MO 65804


    -- Across from Hobby Lobby

    -- Located at the southwest corner of the GALLERIA Shopping Center

    -- Behind the "Big Whiskey's American Restaurant & Bar"

  • Do you have a another phone number to call for information?


    You can call us (417)351-5768 at normal business hours from 9:00 AM to 9:00 PM. In case of the phone is bussy or ask for information, you can call at (626) 756-1506.

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